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Different Types of non-profit organizations and their key features

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In this blog, we are going to have a look at key features of non-profit organizations including Military non-profit organizations. It depends on the purpose of your business whether your business operates as a non-profit organization or not. Non-profits work in a distinct capacity and must return some income to the organization, after expenses. A number of functions may apply to non-profit organisations. Some represent business groups or a professional group, for example the American Library Association. Others are scientific, religious or educational.

Many non-profit groups, including providing health care, advice and shelter, exist to serve the public benefit. The relief and assistance is provided by them, which in turn saves government money, exempts the taxes of these organisations. For example, the US Red Cross provides disaster-affected families an emergency relief and shelter. Medical clinics offering free or cheap medical treatment treat those who would be cared for otherwise. Women’s shelters protect women and children and provide shelter for them. Some companies serve homeless people, the hungry and the unemployed.

Religious Organizations

The non-profit organizations of religious niche are often exempt from tax. The religious organization must exist to promote a religion in order to achieve tax-exempted status. Churches and synagogues often have non-profit status. Many religious organisations, either directly or by establishing a separate non-profit organization to respond to community needs, also serve charity services. Religious organisations, for example, raising funds for a specific political candidate, must not engage into politics to maintain tax-exempt status.

Trade organizations

Some non-profit organizations represent and advance the objectives of a certain group of professionals. Most of the trade groups, including engineers, librarians, accountants and teachers, have a non-profit association to represent them. Trade groups typically enhance their profession on behalf of themselves, provide group members with training and offer networking opportunities.


Non-profit research groups conduct public research. In the field of health and the treatment of military families, for example, the Research and development department issues recommendations based on the results. The development for government organizations is investigated by International organizations.


Many non-profit activities aim at improving education. For example, Education department of America hires new teachers for schools which need educators in urban or rural areas. There are also numerous charter schools.

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