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What is the need for post-marketing surveillance on drug safety?

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According to the rules and regulations of the FDA, post-marketing surveillance on the drugs they provide is necessary. It helps the drug developing companies know about the benefits and risks available with their company's product. Drug safety surveillance helps monitor the abilities of the available drugs with the customers and check their reactions with various patients. 

Pharmaceutical Development Group has a separate group of experts and statisticians to analyze drug safety and help improve the products' abilities. These teams will address the safety, benefits, and risk options of the drug products. At the time of post-marketing, the drug companies will develop various strategies and actions to reduce the risk of medical issues of the drug. These are some fo the features of post-marketing surveillance of drugs

Advantages of drug safety surveillance

Drug companies will have several advantages with the surveillance of drugs. And these advantages help the drug developing groups improve their drug and minimize the risk factors of the product. The developers have advantages like rare negative experiences and negative experiences among various high-risk groups that provide drugs. This process helps achieve the long-term use of the drug products among patients. 

Along with these, there are several advantages like evaluating the drug-to-drug reactions, a drug to food reactions, and many other kinds of reactions, which help improve the formulation of the drug to withstand all kinds of barriers that affect the drug's process. This process also helps to monitor the misuse or abuse of the products. And it also helps to monitor the medication errors that include the various process of the product like the product packaging, labeling, and other features like expiry date and required details. 

Post-marketing safety reports

Every drug development company works with the regulations of the FDA, and according to FDA, the drug development companies should submit a report on drug safety surveillance which is known as the 15 days alert report. It contains all the details about the unexpected and serious negative experience of the drug on various sources like domestic and foreign. The report also contains various negative experiences with the drug like the product's serious and expected, non-serious & expected, and non-serious & unexpected issues. 


These are some of the features that are available with post-marketing surveillance. There are several benefits available with these processes, and it helps to improve the formulation of the product to minimize the risk factors available with the products. Many companies like the Pharmaceutical development group uses this risk surveillance to evaluate the working condition of their products.